How much costs 1 hour of your life?

I started a poll on Deviantart which is quite interesting for me and maybe also for others.
How much would you pay for a commission (you can still vote here )?

First of all: I usually take commissions but only if I:
1. can do it (realistically spoken, when somebody requests a human character OR a whole city concept I rather say: "Better go to person XY..." ... yes, I am one of those lazy butts who don't take every offer).
2. it's interesting (ever did something that bored you a lot? ... see... )
3. the settled price is reasonable
4. of course... if I have time. It doesn't make sense if you're loaded with work and are not able to finish anything (which is why I canceled one children's book yesterday... crap, crap, crap!)

which leads me to the result of the poll....

631 deviants said i never requested commissions and never will
546 deviants said 11-25 dollar
478 deviants said 1-10 dollar
251 deviants said 26-50 dollar
92 deviants said 50- 100 dollar
23 deviants said over 250
20 deviants said over 100

As you can see a lot of people won't commish something rather *okay* paid. I won't say nobody should work for 10 bucks but the 10 bucks include a lot of hours -probably- and I wonder who acutally DOES work for that. 

Positive: 2041 people WOULD consider paying for an illustration which is more than I even considered. The 631 stated (sometimes) that they draw on their own or simply can't afford it OR aren't  interested in commissions at all.

What do you think? Does it reflect the normal habit of people?

why the title? Because some people honestly think that work can be done in 2-3 hours (which is kinda... silly) and I always say: " You actually pay for x hours of their lives... so how much is this person worth?" I guess nobody wants to be worth 10 bucks (even if the Dollar-Euro conversion is better atm. Thanks to Greece :D -> it *does* have some good points for me...).



Mac "moriarty" O'neill said...

I don't worth 10 bucks , I worth at least 20 XD

ah ah

Anyway you're damn right , people don't realise how many times we spend on a drawing or painting and so the real cost for all these efforts put in each piece of art and the worth of our time !

Adelaida said...

People don't think about the right price if they aren't artists on their own. For, let's say, 'normal' people making pictures is fun and it takes us about 15 minutes up to 1 hour. They have no idea how much time can it take and how hard it can sometimes be. But if an artist buys a work from a different artist she/he is more aware of what it means - to make artwork.

We, artist, probably won't be able to change that first attitude but, on the other hand, no one tells us to take 1 dollar for a picture :)

Sean Mallion said...

Who wouldn't like to commission you're work. Anne, I got one thing to say to those 600+ people who wouldn't commission you:

Phooey! On You All.