oh my god.. why?!

... I am so stupid... why did I even think about the possibility that this ice cream book would have recipes with less than 1 million calories?! *faint*

Because I am in a poor painting mode today... something about my next favourite hobby next to reading: making a mess out of the kitchen and wondering why it's clean the next day :3

What I am talking about is this:

If you click on the book you'll be on the amazon page (German). Yes, it leads to amazon... folks, this book costs only 7 Euro and if you're not afraid of millions of calories this book is worth every cent. IF you're afraid of those calories: The sorbets are *okay* I've seen worse recipes.

So Ty wanted ice-cream for the week-end and I decided megalomaniacally for "Vanilla Superfudge". For those who don't know: It's those sticky heavy chocolate brownies half-baked chopped into vanilla ice-cream. BAD NASTY STUFF!
And since I still have not such a good feeling for cup measurements we ended up having TONS of the cream base. Urgg...

Anybody wants to come over and gobble down a huge bowl of Vanilla Superfudge?
o____O I should stop doing ice-cream. This will be my grave for sure.


Adelaida said...

It sounds like a lot of fun :) But it's too far away for me to go and taste them :(

Marina Lazovic said...

OMG!!! O________O
Want to have one...
argh XDD~

(time pass)

I bought it *LOL*
THANKS for the Link ;D

Zeitwolf said...

I'd love to come over even without the extra icecream :D
did you convalesce yet?

trenchmaker said...

@Lew nächste Woche? Wann? :D
Genesung: Geht so :/

Mac "moriarty" O'neill said...


I canot resist to a good Ice cream but ... the trip from france to germany would be a little bit expensive for an ice cream :p

send me my share by mail XD