me and google... me mostly going "whoa spooky"

Ty had the wonderful idea to implement google analytics.
Honestly.. for somebody who's a bit scared of facebook, studi.vz (studi-vz??), linkedin, myspace and -- add here what I don't know -- this is REALLY scary.
You can read what I do (or mostly what I would love to say but can't >.> ) and i can see... where you come from, what browser you use and after how many seconds you get bored.

Which is.. after ten seconds.
How long does it take to read an entry? Gods.. this whole thing makes me totally paranoiac and weird thoughts keep poppin into my head.
What google analytics gives you is a blatant analysis of your fails, watchers and readers, your habits, my habits, your love with firefox and that you seem to own DSL. It tells you where you fail, where you win and when your readers had some good time.
Your good time is mostly around midnight, 9:00 (got to work, eh?),16:00 and 21:00 o'clock btw. Feels like google got you? Well, me too :/

Obviously google analytics can't tell you and me when we need to pee, when we lament about something and when we feel good or bad. THANKS GOD!

So when we shut down the computer we might not be able to communicate but at least we know that we get some privacy back and because it's late and although tomorrow is Wednesday -which is my home office day (weeee!)- I will sleep now and google will stay outside.

Good night, we might see each other.. .around 9:00 I guess. o_o

What do you think about google analytics? Useful or scary?

I mostly finished my dog pic and will upload the inbetween steps tomorrow. As promised :)


Masquerade said...

You might like this post by The Onion then :P

Maria said...

Hey! take it like this: without google analitics you would have never known that someone in Romania reads your blog. (And I comment for something google can't do, tell you I like your artwork).

Zeitwolf said...

I use Analytics for all of my websites and blogs and I LOVE it! I'm totally the statistics nerd and I have a little spy mind :D

The very large bar for length of visit 0-10 seconds comes from people who do not use mailing lists or rss-readers - they make a very short visit to see if there are updates at all. I guess.

Anda said...

Heya! I'm from Romania too and I use Google Chrome :-D And I do spend more than ten second on your blog, wtf O_o

Adelaida said...

I've installed google analytics on my blog recently too and it's quite addictive (I love to watch numbers changing :D). And, yes, I must admit that the amount of time spent by visitors on my blog is also scary - it's like all of them are there by mistake!