Moleskine passion - the best ever!

was the first one I bought and the only thing I *loved* and which is filled on every single page. Which I never did. Like 10 old sketch-books are in my studio room but not a single one is as fully doodled as this one.

I have the Sketchbook mole as well but the surface is too smooth for my taste. It's good if you want to do scribbles but in the watercolor book everything looks better. It's like daily soap (sketchbook) compared to movie (watercolor).
The biggest problem is that those little critters are always shrinkwrapped and of course that means no peeking in. Umph!

-good for scribbles (i use a H-pencil...mechanical 0.3 Lamy one)
- good for copic sketches
- good for inks (pens look odd, real ink looks good... have to upload that sketch next time)

- good for scribbles (you should put on varnish orhairspray though.. highly recommended!)
- good for copic sketches
- excellent for watercolor-ink-pencil-tombow-you get what i mean -sketches
- ... add more awesome details yourself

So 72 pages are mostly filled. With: project sketches, notes, tests, comics, doodles, Sir Bogard, surprisingly many full color sketches and and and...

color sketch... i can't show the whole thing because it's a concept o_O

the original stalker kitteh sketch

thumb pose sketches .. i did a lot of those and they helped a lot to find the perfect final pose although it might look a bit weird.

... and so i ordered two new watercolor moles. One as "Chubbible II" and one normal for practice sketches (which i really need, my light setting sucks :( ).

Amazon lowered the price btw. I can't remember how much it cost at Boesner but the regular price is something around 16- 16,50 Euro. Now it's something around 14,50 I think and if you want to try one: do it now. :)

And because it's Sunday and I still have a bunch of sketches to do I shall stop and shall work and shall NOT enjoy the sunny weather. umph.


Adelaida said...

I was thinking about buying this watercolour moleskine but they are so expensive it makes my heart bleed :( I will probably buy one someday anyway (I already have this "normal" version). But my problem with expensive notebooks and sketchbooks is that I have an inner urge to make only excellent things on them and, therefore, my ability to make anything at all vanishes immediately :P So the moleskine I have since autumn 2008 is not even half used... But a cheap sketchbook I bought (with funny textured paper) 3 months ago is almost used and I must go an buy another one. And it's good for ink/watercolours and so on too! It was a miracle I found it; by chance of course!

Please, show more sketches sometimes :) I love to see how people sketch and what comes out of it *nods*

Yanling said...

Ich habs gekauft!! XD Aber ist schon ein bisschen länger her, du hattest so viele hübsche Bilder davon hochgeladen und schon mal Werbung dafür gemacht, da konnte ich nicht widerstehen!! ;9
Hab aber noch nichts reingemalt, ich streichel es nur ab und zu und vergöttere es!! :D
Danke dass du immer mal wieder schreibst, welche Materialien gut sind und Vergleiche machst, der Stiftvergleich war auch interessant! :)

trenchmaker said...

@Yanling na das solltest du aber :) deine Sachen sind doch gut und mit Farben kannst du umgehen, also ran ans Mole!
Meine anderen skizzenbücher möcht ich auch keinem zeigen, beim mole dürfen alle mal reinschielen.
Wi gesagt: Für Farbsachen der Himmel.
Meine neuen kamen heute an... die liegen auch erstmal im schrank und warten bis sie eingeweiht werden (und ich meine ganzen aufträge abgearbeitet habe, leider stapeln die sich schon wieder....).