Flashcat- inking for nerds

Inking can be pretty annoying. And even more if you need those lines shiny perfect for a huge image. It might not happen that often but ink+ eps-option= whoazzaaaa!!!
The stalker kitteh was inked in FLASH. Some people might scream: Ewww! But trust me if you have some pratice it's fine. I used it for my magazine work and a lot graphics for the agency and I will use it as often as possible.
---> click here to see which tool to use <----

Take the brush and click on "Use Pressure" (bottom). This is important to... well, actually *use* the pressure sensitive pen of a graphic tablet (without a gt the whole thing is pretty useless).

Flash might be a bit tricky and sometimes it cuts away lines but you always have a strg+z and that should do.



Frau Kirschvogel said...

Thanks again for coming up with these useful tricks!

trenchmaker said...

@Kirsch ja, mir fällt nur grad auf, dass ich das rotzigste Beispiel genommen hatte. Bei den Mag-Mädels sehen die Outlines natürlich viel toller aus *headdesk*

Frau Kirschvogel said...

Oh nicht schlimm, *schulterklopf* im Gegensatz zu den meisten Bildredakteuren etc. habe ich genügent visuelle Vorstelungskraft... ;D