My night has been pretty bad since somebody posted "hey, i saw that illustration on a sweater". Rahhhh! Rahhh!!! As long as I don't get a verification that it is or not i feel like somebody stole my brain. And of course this thing seems to be from winter season. Which makes the search as complicated as searching a needle in a barn.

You might say:
Write an email to the boss and asks him if it's true. Honestly... if i was him i wouldn't answer. A girl writing "Hey, it might be possible that you copied my work. Is it true?"
Uh... well... think about it. It's as ridiculous as it sounds.

Things i should be doing right now:
- finish a wedding card for a couple or else they end up marrying without invitation cards..
- finish one website background illustration.. a no.. it's four actually..crap
- finish a commission.. at least the sketch is done
- finish my sketches for the big project
- finish cover sketches and story sketches for a magazine

The day started awesome -like.. really awesome- but if something bad happens it drags you down. I hope i can finish my sketches for the mag and start those for the project- at least. What a day!


Avlor said...

Crossing my fingers for you that it's just someone's faulty memory.

Mac "moriarty" O'neill said...

Put your mind on your work since you can't do anything about the theft for the moment ... that's all you can do I guess :/

Anonymous said...

Wie gesagt, ich schau mal hier in Bonn nach. Morgen werd ich eh mal in die Stadt gehen. Für alle Fälle nehm ich die Kamera mit.