urggg... hopelessly overdone...

A loooonnng day. A little detail from a wedding card that was meant to be not that detailled but sometimes you happen to actually like the work and do more even if it means that you get practically zero out of it.
I had a Skype session with JD-Ayane (she helped me with basic house and bridge form since I was short on time ... I hate houses and bridges.. I really do.. coloring those is fine but the basic form... nah!) for the coloration. Being watched and explaining everything made me realize that I normally work:
1. Chaotic
2. Out of Order
3. am mostly bored when I work alone
all of those points are *really* bad but I guess better realize it now than... later.
I just hope the couple will love the card (we do)... If not I'll blow the wedding. Honestly...

Big thanks for JD being my Skype slave for today and labeling the stone Lantern as "Stalker Lantern". I painted ten hours in a row.. gods, I am tired. But happy.


Alice said...

Yay for JD! ^^

rizada said...

I followed a link from a Lithuanian blog to yours and I just wanted to say I love your work - it's adorable! :)
Good luck and keep posting!

John Patrick Deza said...

JD is the best :D