ernya got cute!

since i think it's kinda pointless to upload a website banner without a website layout i rather mention that you should take a look at:
and stare at the upper part.
Depending on the daytime you can see 4 different versions (morning, day, evening, night).
One of the jobs i really loved to do -inbetween the ZARA fails o_o.

The sad news of today is that Porsche (our family dog, short: "Plush") died after 14 years. My parents had to call the vet who put him down this afternoon. He couldn't walk anymore and was totally disorientated. :( The second loss in 4 months. First Kiki, now the Plush. I am kinda happy that the whole getting worse is over but again I thought he would make it a bit longer.
We got Plush as a baby dog. The vet wanted to euthanize him but my sister grabbed him and took him home. I still remember when my mum saw him, she asked: "Whose dog is it?"
And my sister flatly answered: "Ours."
My family has a weakness for animals, we kinda adopt everything from cat, mouse, fish over racoon and -i guess even that- elephant.

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Zeitwolf said...

Aw, not another loss :/ but 14 years is a proud age for a dog. And every being has to go at some time.

nice clouds on the banners!! those candyfloss clouds are your speciality ;-)

(I don't want to be the grammar-nazi, but it's "whose dog?")