Happyfish & Steampunked

 I forgot which kind of fish those are but every time we get into the pet shop I stare at those ridiculously smiling fishes. I named those Happyfishes.

The pics are bad since the shop owner always yells at us because pics are not allowed. Crap!
I hope I get better ones next time. Maybe with red herring... who knows.
Anyway, look at the mouth.. they seem to laugh all the time :D Happyfish!

The other thing I want to mention is that I worked with Mirjam on her lookbook for nearly 8 hours. And dang, it turned out good. I'm so proud. Mirjam is a fashion-designer and went to the same Art School and I practically wear her shirts every second day. 

Happy(fish) Sunday!


Kai said...

They look like Parrot Fish to me ^_^ i used to have some in my old tank <3

Nonsens said...

wie niedlich xD
darf ich fragen, auf was für einer kunstschule du bist/warst?

trenchmaker said...

@ Kai freshwater parrot fishes! Right! :D lovely critters. I totally would get those but I guess Hannibal and Treadle would like them for dinner o_O

@Nonsens nein, sorry - das bleibt privat.

Nonsens said...

sehr schade :(
ich bin nämlich grad auf studiensuche...