all time favourite... rully!

I have no idea if I mentioned that book but it's one of my all-time favourites. If you like nerdy outfits, ridiculous behaviour and awesome writing you will love it.

You can read the synopsis at Amazon -though I would like to add that it doesn't even cover for 10% all the things happening in that way too thin book.
Hippie parents who explain the importance of pelvis muscle training to your fellow students in the cafeteria, wearing ugly clothes and doing water gym with 40+ ladies while you originally wanted to do Pilates are just some things everybody will keep in mind.

and because I won't stop annoying you with cutie-pie pics... just two of the kittens as well :)


Alkyoni said...

They're so cute!!! (Although I have a dog)... Though it took me some time to make the photos appear... >_<

malumi said...

Uuuh so sweet, always when I see your kittys I do something like that: 'maumaumau' I'm glad nobody listen to me at this moments.

Anonymous said...

Very cute little kitten!! *.*
I bet they are fun to watch! <3

Ashael said...

Oh my goodness, your kitties look soooo cute *___* I love them! X3

Lisa said...

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I hope all is well....


Lauren Shostal said...

The Kittens are sweet- lovely and adorable.
I'm jealous.