Yes, No, Yes... No? Maybe... yes?

You know the situation when you are stuck in work and you get a phone-call and become like "Oh, ah, squee, omg, omg, omg!" .... and than you realize that you practically won't be able to sleep for 6 months if you won't say no.

I had to learn how to say no. Even without lame excuses. Sometimes it was really really hard, sometimes I was relieved, sometimes depressed (because it really would have been cool).
I think it's something you won't do when you start because ... everything is so exciting and crap, skip the sleeping part and you see all those €s and $ and think: Just another one and better too many than no jobs at all.
Ever made the experience? and if not: Would you say no?

I really wanted to work at the week-end but Nata hogged my couch after a very bad B movie and Sunday was our "Treadle and Hanni get their inoculation" day. Urg...

Since my deadline for some test illustrations is on Thursday I might take some fail pics of epic watercolor tests. Not that interesting alltogether but alas, it could be worse.

Rant of the week: Why on earth does a bigger Kolinsky cost around 30 bucks?
 It's a bloody brush and I don't see any gold on it. Poor marten anyway. But I can't use synthetics for the project. Dang!

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