Gouache n Cats

I should mention that I had to write this blog entry TWICE because Hanni decided to jump onto the computer where the whole electic stuff is located and since she managed to jump directly onto the OFF button... well... :/

Treadle is such a photogenic cat. Mostly because he's not as active as his sister I guess.

Hanni... oh well... I have no idea how many nose shots I have... a lot.

And even if I actually manage to get a shot she doesn't look as cute as she is in real life. Dang! They grow so fast...

... which leads me to Gouache. I normally sketch on normal paper and transfer the final sketch via lightbox. Which means taping the paper makes a lot of sense.
The drawing board is from Boesner for those who wonder. 43 bucks that make my life (and finally non-existing pain the back and neck) better. :)
Gouache tubes in my wooden box (neccessary because the cats tend to stumble around on my table and kick off everything).
I bought too many but since those will be good for upcoming agency work I guess it is kinda okay... kinda.. gods, I am so broke =_=;
You can see the difference.. a bit. That's basically the elephant after 1 hour.
I started adding deeper shades and light shades on that point. I can't stop saying that the lanqauarelle is a wonderful paper...
Final details (brush size 1 and size micro something) with a mix of blue, red, white and black.
The very final details where done with prismacolor penncils and a white Signo.

Brushes that make no sense:
Morani retouch brush (which is my favourite for acrylics)
bigger synthetic ones

first time the Kolinsky brushes make sense...


My little Moon said...
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My little Moon said...

My new kittie is just like your Hanni! :D