omg, watercolors....

... again after 10 years of happy absence.
Bought hopelessy too many things because the last couple of years have been devoted to acrylics.
I hope I find some free time on Sunday to test everything.

And since it looks like I'll have to spend a lot more time with my watercolors within the next months I should reactivated everything I learned in artschool like... 1998 O_o

My test-illustration will be Hanna- I love her little pigtails. Last time I drew her was for a scouts cover (for junior scouts :) ).

....and a little - very little- details of an illustration for my publisher. Love to paint rough- if an illustration is too clean it tends to look kinda odd.


John Patrick Deza said...

wie niedlich!!! >w<

Adelaida said...

I hated watercolours. But, somehow, since this work I'm totally in love with this medium :D Love is blind and comes when unexpected

Hope you will show some of your watercolour-reminders here :)

I also think that too smooth works can look weird... Well, the reality isn't that smooth so why presenting it should be? Actually, those rough works and sketches are more enjoyable to watch than those too-finished ones. And I hope it's not laziness and negligently speaking ^^"

cris said...

Hanna is adorable!
I can't wait to see it done.