... a deadline... f***@*#
I normally have a close look on time but this time... epic fail. Gods... and it's a cover.
Teeth ache, mobile literally dead, no mail saved with the mobile number of the customer, not in the office anyway, arg... I hate those days when everything is just an epic fail.


Jemo Kohiri said...

oh, not good...
but it will be better

Marina Lazovic said...

oh honey...
there will be better days, soon >.<
hope, you can manage it anyway

Ashael said...

Oh no, it's sad to hear you have such a stressful time ó_ò
I wish you very good luck and much strength, so you can handle this situation and have better times afterwards! *giving you a luck cookie* (<-- from an old receipt of my grandmother to banish all misfortune ^.~ )