finally Amazon offers something useful (for me)

I get asked a lot where I buy my pens. Mostly I can only answer: cons and fairs.
But... hurray just saw it today... Amazon is now offering the Pentel Slicci
Pentel Gel-Tintenroller Slicci BG207, schwarz
which means I can finally get that one easier (and I have to anyway since Treadle loves pens and carries those away frequently O_o ).

I use the 0.3 version like done here and here. If I did comics by hand I would prefer those but since I don't do comics by hand... oh well, nevermind. :)

Price is 1,69 (you only get it cheaper on a con if you make puppy-eyes and start a "But I want five!... Rully!" discussion) which is okay. My last one lasted 8 months which is good. The Signo didn't last that long. Or I sketched less but I doubt it somehow o_o

So... if you want a bundle try to bargain at a con, if not... it's fine. For all those who think: Hurray, plan B for copic liners and color illustrations: Well, not really.... I use the Edding Profi Pen black 0,1- 0,5 for it
for further information.

What I don't like abouth the Copic thingie is that I have a feeling they have less ink. And the 0,1 even less. I bought 4 of those and I was always dissapointed. Or Copic doesn't like me and I always get the dry ones o_o The only good thing you can do with those is playing with the cats because they have a rounded back. But I guess that wasn't the original intention of usage.

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