too hot for anybody and anything

we have 35 degrees here and even inside it's just hot. If I didn't wear my arm sock I would permanently stick to the Wacom o_o and the "studio" room is the coolest room of all with cosy 25° =_=
Treadle and Hanni (for all non-german folks: same pronunciation like "honey") are just sleeping everywhere they happen to tumble down.

Treadle and his new favourite game... I didn't knew sthat thing could make so much noise. If you have cats: Buy it anyway. Mine love it (literally to pieces)

He funnily tends to sleep fully stretched OR on his back (looking like shot XD ).
Hanni prefers her luxuy version of a scratching post... little princess. She mew-mews a lot. Attention? This way plzkthx!

Ever wondered why little girls love ponies? I wonder a lot... and especially if I have to draw those O_o Will di a lot more in the upcoming weeks and hopefully at least 50% together with Irene since it crops down the time we have to fight against the urge to sing "My little Pony" and puke butterflies and rainbows.

I am so not into horses and ponies... everything but not ponies.... =_=;
It's funny that although the topic is so utterly odd we both are happy with the results. Hope those horses won't grow on us.


Adelaida said...

I feel like sleeping all the time too - sun and warmth are everything I need to fall asleep in a minute :]

You can only love or hate ponies, there's no in-between ;)

Rebekah said...

Treadle cracks me up. They're so cute at that age!