Gouache- first attempt...

Gouache can be a real bitch.
I like the color as much as I dislike it. It's like taming a lion for me but I guess I won't give up.
I'll upload some progress pics later.

First thoughts:
- I started too dark
- used too much white (okay, next time no white)
- the grass is reddish-pink (actually better than I thought since I wanted to stick to 4 colors while mixing... red, white, blue and black).

I'm unsure if I really love the colors or hate them. I guess my first attempt isn't that bad but it's still a long way to go.
I started because I wanted to try something new and well, it is new. Acrylics are great when you actually found out how to use them right and I got bored of them after the last book. Maybe bored isn't the correct word.
Better: It doesn't surprise me anymore. Which is good but I miss the feeling "Dang, how the heck does it work?!"

My day started actually really WEIRD.
Every Thursday the garbagemen are busy in our street and I just ran into the "mob" when they started collecting the garbage cans. One of the men started staring as I walked by. Am I looking that gross?! (okay, I literally fell out of bed but oh my... )
He still stared when I passed him.
"Excuse me..."
"My son.. he's ... what is he doing again?... Oh, manga!"
Still unsure what he wants. AND late...
"Aren't you one of those girls?" (sounded a bit like I have a disease...)
"Uh... if you mean if I am one of those doing comics, than yes.."
He smiled.
"I knew it!"

Doh! I live in the middle of nowhere (for Berlin).


Mac "moriarty" O'neill said...

Is there something special that makes you look like a comic drawer ???

like ... a giant stamp on your forehead : I M A DRAWER XD

trenchmaker said...

@Mac I guess my three eyes and the green skin color are very obvious o___o
No, I wear shirts n jeans and not even flashy ones but as "normal" as possible.. maybe too normal?

Sab said...

You don't like gouache but the pieces of the illustration you made look like very beautiful ! I love the colors you choose. I look forward to seeing the whole picture.^_^

Saralynn said...

I LOVE the colors in the preview. I also love that texture on the elephant's trunk.

Adelaida said...

It's the opposite with me - I like gouache and I hate acrylics :D I have been using gouache in art school for about 2,5 years and I'm quite used to the way it works. On the other hand, I've started using (or rather trying to use) acrylics to make pictures on wooden bracelets and earrings lately and it can be a pain in the ass. But I won't loose this battle! :D

People often tell me that I look like from a manga, maybe you look like that too? Don't tknow what it actually means 'to look like from a manga' but a lot of people says so ;P

Silver Strands said...

I have absolutely no artistic ability, but I sure do appreciate it in others! You're amazing.