Ty and me went to the vet today with Hannibal and Treadle.
Super nice and Hannibal didn't mew-mew all the time. Putting them into the box while sleeping seems to work. Kiki never was fond of boxes but those two seem to like it- kinda.
The vet oh and ahhed at Hannibal and talked along...

"Oh a little red tom-cat, well female red cats are so rare. He looks good anyway.. let's check..Oh!" Silence. "Well, as I said red females ARE rare but you happen to have one."

Uh.. what? "Should we change the name to Hanni in the system?"

Ty and me exchanged a large stupid grin. "Yes."

So Hannibal turned out to be a Hanni (honestly, I always thought "well, he's small... can't see anything because he's too young."). Cutie-Pie and Mini-Amor (Treadle weighs a lot more) survived the check and we enjoy a not too hot lazy afternoon before I start working on a mag cover again.
Hope I can finish tomorrow since I plan to update my homepage next week with all that stuff I did within the last weeks. Except those sock motives i did.. o_O ... winter season items.. I'll take pics when those are available though. Weird job... really.

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Anonymous said...

Aww.... *lol* Vielleicht solltet ihr sie Hanniballa nennen? XD